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Phantom Radio is a Local Station, Looking After Local People Yet Broadcasting Around The World. We Work With The Community, Local Charities and we are for The Community, Bringing People Together through the power of music, chatter, support and music.

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Hi Lighting Mental Health

The new EP is a disco-pop masterpiece that chronicles her journey of overcoming mental
health issues and finding joy in music and her mother’s legacy.
Alessia, a promising London-based singer-songwriter, has released her debut EP, Modern
Disco Girl, on 7 March 2024. The EP is a musical tribute to her mother, who inspired her to
embrace disco music.
Modern Disco Girl is a candid and uplifting project that reveals Alessia’s journey of selfdiscovery and empowerment. Each song represents different powers that exist in this world
✶✶ ✶
to show the strength she gained going through difficult times with mental health issues.
Through the songs, she wishes to inspire those who are going through difficult times in life.
The title track, Modern Disco Girl, is a powerful and upbeat tune that celebrates Alessia and
her mother’s bond. Alessia explains how she used to suffer from low self-esteem and
depression, but later learned to love herself and appreciate her mother’s wisdom and